• The month in Solar: January 2015

    Solar January
    John     January 30, 2015     Digest

    With the first month of the new year almost over, it’s time to revisit some of the top solar stories that featured at the start of 2015. In Australia, even the current government cannot seem to stop solar; on boxing day, no less than 30% of all energy in South Australia was generated using rooftop solar! This and other breakthroughs and innovations made January 2015 an interesting month in solar.

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  • Twenty interesting solar stories from 2014

    John     January 15, 2015     Digest, Going solar

    2014 was a great year for solar. Whilst Australia took a step back by repealing the carbon tax, renewables gained major ground worldwide. From negative energy prices to a solar bicycle lane, solar is on the rise both in terms of innovation and investment. We handpicked twenty stories from 2014 that outline the solar year as it happened.

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  • Tasmania feed-in-tariff cuts gets backing from Economic Regulator

    Tasmania will cut its feed-in-tariffs from 27 cents to 8 cents
    John     September 13, 2013     Australia, Policy

    The Director of the Office of the Economic Regulator has backed the Tasmanian Government’s plan to reduce the solar feed-in-tariff to 8 cents per kilowatt hour from 27 cents. The move comes ahead of the sale of state-owned energy retailer Aurora Energy.

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  • Solar power delivers drinkable water to small Mexican village

    MIT researchers are field testing a solar powered water filtration system in a remote Mexican village
    John     September 13, 2013     Charity, Featured

    Researchers from MIT have developed a solar powered system that produces clean, drinkable water. The researchers have been testing the system in Mexico in hopes of replicating it in other parts of the world.

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  • Grampians zoo plans to go solar

    The Halls Gap Zoo has plans to install solar panels over its car park
    John     September 11, 2013     Australia, Going solar

    The Halls Gap Zoo in the Grampians has plans to install solar panels on its car park. If the project pushes through, the zoo will get 85 percent of its power from the sun.

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