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  • KaliPAK

    Solar Briefcase is Actually a Portable Power Plant

    J. den Haan     March 3, 2015     Cool stuff, Sci-tech

    Access to electrical power is essential when camping in remote areas or faced with unexpected disaster. Having a fuel-powered generator is not always convenient; they are bulky and you’ll obviously need fuel supplies handy. A smart startup is now looking to the sun to provide a portable power generation solution for situations where access to electrical power is not a given.

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  • Month in solar : February

    The Month in Solar: February 2015

    J. den Haan     February 28, 2015     Digest

    February was a great month for solar. Aussie rooftop solar, farmland solar in Japan, solar mosques in Jordan and solar stadiums in the United States: the push for solar power continues worldwide. The following are summaries of some of the more interesting stories on solar energy that have appeared over the last month.

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  • Gujarat solar

    The World’s 20 Largest Solar Projects

    J. den Haan     February 19, 2015     Featured, Going solar, Photovoltaics, Thermal

    The remarkable price drop in solar power over the last decade has seen large utility-scale solar power plants sprout up all over the world. From solar panels to concentrated solar towers to gigantic arrays of parabolic throughs, these projects come in various shapes and sizes. They do however all have one feature in common: they represent hope and belief in the fact that one day the world can and will be powered by renewable energy. Below we explore the world’s twenty largest solar power projects, ranked by total output.

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  • Nyngan Solar plant

    102MW Nyngan Solar Plant to be Switched On Next Month

    J. den Haan     February 14, 2015     Australia, Going solar

    Australia is set to unveil the brand new Nyngan Solar Plant next month. The complex, which weighs in at 102MW, will be Australia’s first operational 100MW solar power plant. Given Australia’s recent track record in terms of renewables, the plant is an important victory and provides some much-needed positive PR against a tide of poorly chosen government policies.

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  • Solar and wind power

    10 reasons why Solar Power is more awesome than Wind Power

    J. den Haan     February 3, 2015     Going solar, Other

    In recent years, many Australian home owners have installed small-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to power their lives. A small minority however have instead chosen small-scale wind turbines to power their homes. Unfortunately though, residential wind power still comes with many technological and regulatory hurdles. In this post we explore ten reasons why solar may still be a better choice for at home.

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