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Simple Habits And Skills To Teach Your Children How To Be More Eco-Friendly

Saving the Earth for the future is something we must all try to do in our own ways. And while your kids may be too young to truly contribute towards this cause, it’s important to remember that certain habits and skills are best learned in their childhood. Here are a few such skills and habits that will not only help them save mother Earth in their own small way, but also help them to become responsible adults.

Everything You Put On Your Plate Should End Up In Your Stomach

Food waste should be a big no-no for your family. Instead of lecturing them about the importance of avoiding waste, try to make it a simple habit to finish whatever they serve on their plate; a rule of the house. Teach them the importance of listening to their stomach by encouraging them to pause between dishes. One other way to teach children responsibility towards food is to travel with them to less fortunate parts of the world.

Make Saving Electricity A Habit

Like washing your hands after using the toilet, saving electricity too should come naturally for your children. Give them the responsibility of turning off any switch they may turn on. Once this habit is formed, you’ll find them naturally being aware of saving electricity. With older children, this habit may be a little tougher to drum in. Consider giving them a “penalty” if they waste electricity; like limiting their TV/laptop time or taking away their phone’s charger for the day. This will definitely make them a little more aware of electricity waste.

Living A Minimalistic Life Makes Things Easier

This is something you’ll have to show them by example. Living a minimalistic life will definitely help to avoid wastage of materials and space; so avoid over buying or hoarding things. Have a limited number of clothing that you use well and discard once you’re done with; instead of having a closetful of clothes that you rarely wear. Be responsible about how you discard your unwanted clothing as well; donating it to the needy whenever possible.

Organic Clothing, Swapping And Hand-Me-Downs Should Be Part Of The Norm

As much as buying new clothes is the norm in your family, consider making wearing hand-me-downs, swapping clothes and shopping at second-hand shops the norm as well. Of course, you must always consider only the hygienic means and sources for this. Whenever possible, it’s also a great idea to opt for sustainable and organic clothing. Clothing made out of organic cotton, for example, is made out of cotton free of pesticides and chemicals¾causing the least damage to nature while being made.

Cooking Your Own Food Makes It Easier To Avoid Unnecessary Wastage

Thanks to how hectic our lives tend to be, most of us have developed a bad habit of eating out and ordering in for almost all our meals. As a result, there’s a lot of food getting wasted; and money overspent. Teach your children culinary skills so that they may not only save and be more responsible towards food, but also be more aware of what it is that they eat.

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Things You Should Know If You Are Planning To Build a House

Building a house is something that you invest a lot of money in. It is not cheap and if any mistake is made it can not only be dangerous for the occupant but also set you back thousands of dollars in repairs. Therefore when you are building a house, you should do so with a huge degree of responsibility and care. Knowledge is the best tool anyone can have. Therefore use it to your benefit. Here are the things you should know if you are planning to build a house.

Think About the Future

Never build a house based on just your present needs. While you can always renovate certain things in the future, renovation costs money and sometimes you may end up not being able to make certain changes because of limits that your house has. So always think of the future when you are building your home. If you are planning to have children, they would need rooms of their own. A backyard would also be useful so they can play outdoors. Therefore your house needs to have more than 2 rooms.

Have Ample Storage

If you think your house design has just about enough space to store everything you own today, then it is vital that you actually incorporate more storage space. It is all but certain that you will purchase new things and unless you fancy living in a cramped home, you will need to have enough space to store these things. Therefore always have an attic and try to incorporate creating storage areas in your home. Maybe a cupboard under the staircase or a false ceiling that lets you store things above it.

Always Invest In a Good Backyard

Whether it is for the children to play in or for you to relax with a cup of tea and enjoy the outdoors, a backyard is something that is important for a home. It can be a great space to entertain guests and have parties without messing up the indoor areas. Furthermore, if you have a lovely Merbau Decking then you can enjoy the outdoors without interfering with the greenery.

Plan Each Room before Building It

This does not only mean you make a blueprint but you actually should sit down and plan the layout of the room. Measure the length and size of the items that will go into each room and then play your layout. If you feel that some of the rooms need more space to fit everything comfortably then you can make the adjustment without having to break walls or patting with the things you love. Planning the complete layout before building will also help you incorporate any designs that have to be incorporated in the building process. For example, shelving is built into the wall or hidden storage areas.

In the end, your house is going to be your home so it needs to be a place where you would feel happy and find comfort. Therefore pay heed to the above as much as you can.

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