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What Should You Know About Grey Water?

What exactly is grey water? You may be wondering, because quite frankly, not many people do. It’s fine if you don’t, that’s what this article is for. Grey water is residual water that is left behind from your daily uses inside your house, but has not been contaminated by faeces. This means that the water is used water from the sink, shower, kitchen etc.

We’ll be discussing the uses and advantages of grey water, and whether households should begin to use it instead of fresh water.

The Advantages Of Using Grey Water

Many companies are starting to capitalize on grey water, developing irrigation systems such as the grey water system. You can probably defer as to what this is but allow me to explain it to you in detail. Grey water is known to be eco friendly for obvious reasons. It calls for the recycling of already used water, not allowing for unnecessary supplies of water to be extracted from water reservoirs or aquifers. This is helpful as our global water supply is unfortunately running out, and if we’re not careful, we could be left in a very drastic situation. Continuously, the use of harmful chemicals in water treatment plants would be reduced as the demand for fresh water would be less. This is a huge advantage for wildlife as the chances of these toxins being exposed to fresh water is reduced. Moving on, this recycling of used water is a much-needed help In countries that tend to suffer from droughts such as India, or where water tends to constantly freeze, such as Canada.

Moreover, grey water helps not only the environment but acts as socioeconomic aid. As you can imagine, constantly using fresh water would cause your water bill to be constantly increasing. But, what would happen if you recycle your fresh water and use it once more? This is one of the greatest advantages that recycling grey water entails. Through research, households have boasted that their water bills have reduced drastically, by about 30%, however, this exact sum has been debated.

The Disadvantages Of Using Grey Water

Unfortunately, there still is a stigma on the use of grey water, although proven to not be harmful, many countries have not recognized the use of it yet and haven’t still adopted greywater treatment plants. This disadvantage is only a personal opinion, and if you don’t care whether it is not entirely widespread, this should not be a problem for you.

What if you want your own system to treat grey water? Having a grey water treatment system at home is quite expensive. Yes, it’s a great investment that will save money for the future, but if anything happens to your system, you’re going to be in for a shock. Not many plumbers know how to deal with the parts, and this is disaster if the damage is done. Thankfully, companies that sell grey water treatment systems offer warranties.

So, have you decided to venture into this world?

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Window Treatment Methods for Your New House

Decorating a new house includes deciding the window treatments. Choosing the decoration that matches the house and adding the right kind of window treatments helps you to enhance the quality of your house and make sure the house decoration is complete. Here are some of the ideas to consider when planning window treatments.

Choose the Right Style

The first and foremost step in choosing window treatments is choosing the window style. You will need to consider the architectural style you want to use in your new home and then match the window style with this. A contemporary house would require sleek, plain, floor to ceiling glass or horizontal slides while a more traditional looking house can have something like casement windows or bay and bow windows. When designing your house, try to get the advice form a design expert on the kind of windows you can use in your house.

Shades and Curtains

There are many types of shades and curtains to choose from. Shades can give your house a more modern look with its sleek appearance. Some of the popular shades that are used in houses include the honeycomb shades and roman shades. The benefits of shades are that you can install automatic shades if you wish to. However, if you are looking for something less modern and more towards traditional, stick to curtains. But just because you choose curtains it won’t make your house look boring. Choose one of the trendy styles such as sheer curtains and try to add accessories like window scarves to give it a unique look.

Glass and Film

Using window files are one of the best choice for those who wish to go for a more decorative look. Especially if you want to add something fancy into your decoration, adding coloured window film or frosted film. Epically if you feel like the rest of your decoration is too bland you can make it less boring with the type of glass you choose for the windows. Also, coloured film is a great way to block the direct sunlight and UV rays. But if you feel like coloured plains are going to be too much, then stick to plain glass. These can add a more contemporary look to the house.

Exterior Treatments

Some of the exterior designs for the windows are shutters. Shutters can add a certain aesthetic appeal to the outer appearance of the house and can make the exterior look sophisticated. If you want to add a little bit of colour to the exterior decoration of the house, adding window planters are a great idea. You can change these any time you want, and use any kind of flowers you like. Another exterior decoration style to try is window awnings. Decoration such as double glazed awnings are a great way to block the sunrays on hot days and keep your house cooler.

Whenever you are designing the house or adding the window treatments, pay attention to these details. Always try to make the interior decoration complement each other and make your house look unique and personalized.

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Should You Buy Window Coverings Online?

Nothing beats the comfort of buying stuff online. You don’t need to dress up, drive or wait in line to pay for your purchases if you venture into the real world. You also lessen the chance of seeing that colleague you don’t like outside of work, or an awkward run-in with your ex. Shopping online while you are still in your pajamas is normal wherein if you go outside still in your PJs would be a cause for some eyebrows to raise.

Of course, there are still things that are better if you purchase them in store rather than online. But when it comes to window coverings, should you consider buying your curtains, drapes, shades or shutters online?

Buying Window Coverings Online Could Prove A Challenge

When you buy textiles or any fabrics online, there is a possibility that the color would be different once you receive the purchase. Fabrics should also be felt to have a clear understanding of the type of fabric should work for you. Silk would always look nice and luxurious to the touch but you are not sure if the silk being sold at your favorite online store is made with the same silk as your bedding which you bought in store last month. So, if you are that particular with the material for your curtains or drapes, it is recommended that you buy them in store. Plus, measuring them personally would ensure that the window covering you bought would cover your entire windows.

Buying Window Coverings Online Is Not Recommended If You Are Pressed For Time

Say you are expecting guests and you want to show off your home. If you buy your window coverings online, you have to factor in the delivery time and if you have to send them back for exchange (if in case you are not satisfied with your purchase). If you are in no hurry, by all means, you could buy them online. But if you are pressed for time, it is more advisable to buy them in store. At least when you are done, you could bring them home the same day. Even if you are buying in store, it would not hurt to check the store’s website to make sure that they have what you need. If you have any inquiry, call today or before your visit.

Buying Window Coverings Online Makes You Susceptible To Extra Charges

When buying online, you have to remember that the price is not fixed since there would be extra charges such as shipping fees (although some of the stores waive the shipping fees with minimum amount of purchase or if it is your first time buying something from their online store), customs fee if you are buying from stores overseas, etc. If you are set into buying your curtains, drapes or shutters abroad, if it is possible, buy everything from one store so as to waive the shipping fee (if applicable) and you maximized the worth of the customs fee.

There are other benefits to buying online or in store if that is your preference. In order to make the most out of your shopping experience, do your research beforehand and find the store that offers you the most choices at prices that suit your budget.

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