The Different Types Of Sofa You Could Choose From

You might think choosing a sofa is easy. Just sit on it and if it feels comfortable, this is the one. But, there are numerous types of sofas available now in the market that you would feel overwhelmed with the choices. Before you could select which sofa to purchase, know first the different types.

There are over 20 types of sofas that you could choose from but the list below is narrowed down to the most popular type for easier selection. Choose the type of sofa that best corresponds to your needs and style.

Sectional Sofa (L-Shape And U-Shape)

One of the most popular types of sofas is the sectional sofa. This type is made out of 3 or 5 multiple pieces of sofas that could be arranged differently, mostly arranged in L or U shape. The more pieces there are more variations of arrangements. This type of sofa is recommended for those families who are big or for those who frequently entertain guests. Don’t be turned off by the pieces that could be separated since there is a mechanism to keep them from splitting once you have decided on the arrangement.

Lawson Sofa

The Lawson sofa is the type that you usually see in homes. This type is the cushiony sofa that is designed for those who want to relax anytime. The pillows that come with the sofa is separated from the sofa’s frame. It is also designed to have large cushions that could be moved around depending on the comfort that the sitter needs. Popular among kids as well since its cushions and pillows could easily be used to make a fort. Due to its popularity, Lawson sofas come in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Sofa Bed

There are different kinds of sofa bed that if you want to buy one, you might be faced with a difficult choice that you might end up buying everything. If you are after a sofa bed that does not require much effort, choose a pull out sofa bed. From the name itself, you just need to pull out the mattress from under the sofa if you need extra sleeping space for out of town guests. Another type is the convertible sofa which is a sofa that could be converted into a bed (hence the name). With convertible sofas, the couch pillows are usually the “mattress” when the sofa is transformed into a bed. This might not be as comfortable as the pull out sofa bed which comes with a mattress. But, this is also a case to case basis depending on the quality and the manufacturer.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

If your home’s theme is more of contemporary, minimalist and sleek, your best bet for a sofa is the Mid-century modern sofa. It might not be the most comfortable couch compared to other types of sofa, but it is visually pleasing furniture. It is also a classic design since it’s been around since 1930.

You might not find “the one” sofa from these choices but don’t be heartbroken. There are other sofa types available and it is impossible that you would not find one that you would want to take home. Search online or pop a visit on your neighborhood sofa store and take the time to choose the future star of your living room.

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