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4 Tips for Saving Electricity At Home

There are numerous benefits when you save electricity. For starters, you’ll be slapped with a lower utility bill each month, leaving you with a bit more money to spend. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, you’ll be cutting down your carbon footprint and thereby your negative impact on the earth.

Whether it’s personal finances or global warming you care about, saving electricity is the way to go. In this article we’re going to be giving you some tips on how to do just that:

Decrease Your Dependency on Artificial Light

When we spread apart our curtains and open up the windows to our rooms to bask in natural light, we can severely cut down on the electricity we use every day. Here are some tips to help you increase usage of natural light:

  • Move your home workstation closer to a window. This way you don’t need to use a lamp or other light sources until it gets dark.
  • Use light-coloured curtains. If the reason you keep the windows and blinds shut is privacy, then it’s best to buy ones that have a lighter shade. This way, light can still come into the room and your privacy will be maintained as well.

Natural light doesn’t just save electricity; it helps improve your mental health too. So that’s double the incentive to open your windows to the outside world.

Switch Out Your Power-Hungry Bulbs

A lot of homes today still use incandescent bulbs. While these do provide adequate lighting, they eat up way too much electricity. In addition, they don’t last that long either, meaning you’ll find yourself shelling out money often in order to replace them. That’s why we strongly recommend that you switch to LED light bulbs.

If you don’t have the time to replace all the light bulbs around the house, don’t worry. Simply fire up your search engine and type in ‘electricians near me’ and pick out the most reliable service from the results.

LED bulbs may be expensive to but because they last longer and are way more efficient than incandescent ones, they’ll end up saving you money in the long run.

Switch to Renewable Energy

How would you like to be able to use enormous amounts of power without having to spend anything or cause harm to the environment? Switch to solar power and you’ll be able to do just that. Sure, it might cost you a lot at first to install the panels, but after a couple of years of paying nothing to power companies, you’ll be able to recoup that investment.

Use ‘Energy-Saving’ Appliances

If you’ve got older appliances that eat up a lot of power, then it’s time to switch to ones that are more geared towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Currently, manufacturers are competing amongst themselves to create appliances that use the least power, which is great news for us.

When you’re on the market for new appliances, make sure to look for the ‘energy star’ rating. This is usually on the most eco-friendly appliances.

While this isn’t all you can do to save electricity, these four methods are among the most effective.

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Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home without Spending a Lot

There are times that we get bored with the usual look of our home. Maybe it’s the old looking walls or the plain decorations. No matter what the reason is, it surely feels great when we add some tweaks to our home once in a while. Refreshing your home doesn’t really need to be expensive. In fact, here are the most practical things you can do to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes, it’s the usual arrangement of the furniture that makes your home look boring. After years of having the same arrangement, you’ll surely get used to it. Spice things up by rearranging your furniture into a different layout. There’s no need to buy new ones so you don’t have to spend anything. You can do this all over to refresh the look of your entire home.


If you’re tired of staring at those old walls, maybe it’s time to consider repainting it, just for a change. Repainting is one of the cheapest things you can do to refresh your home. Most homeowners love light colours for their wall since it brightens and makes a space look wider. However, there are no rules in choosing pain colours so it’s your chance to experiment. You can even repaint cabinets, shelves and other accents with another colour for a new look. Hire only the best company offering residential painting services in Geelong to be assured of great outcomes.

Update Light Fixtures

Aside from being a light source, light fixtures really have a great impact on the overall beauty of a room. Updating an old light fixture helps a lot in refreshing the look of your home. Don’t dump the old ones but rather change its look by repainting or tweaking them up. Match them with the colour theme of your home for a perfectly harmonious look.


Sometimes, the beauty of your home is just covered by too much clutter. Throw away the broken things that are beyond repair. Keep things organized by putting them away on drawers, shelves, organizers, and cabinets. Store away things that you don’t usually use such as extra furniture, decorations, and many more to free some space. Aside from looking fresh, your home will also look a lot spacious afterwards.

Beautify the Windows

The windows offer a great source of natural light for your home and making it look beautiful surely helps a lot in updating your home’s look. One of the easiest ways to beautiful windows is the curtains. Pick curtain styles that complement the colour or theme of the room so they won’t clash. If you’re not fond of curtains, there are always other options such as decorated blinds and many more. You can even create a window frame to accentuate this important feature of your home.

Want to make your home look more beautiful without spending a lot? Try out these simple hacks and see the difference.

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Why You Need To Hire A Licensed Plumber

Hiring a licensed plumber is necessary to ensure that all works are done with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. A licensed plumber has several years of extensive experience and is experts on the field with lots of training and refined skills. So, hiring a licensed one even if they are considerably more expensive than unlicensed one is more advantageous.

A licensed plumber typically has a minimum of seven years of experience and of course passing a licensing exam, not only that, these plumbers got their education from technical schools and also underwent apprenticeship and the necessary on the job training. Licensed plumbers are also aware of the proper regulations and comply with codes set by the municipality. Hiring an unlicensed one compared to a licensed one open your plumbing system to more risks and more additional repairs in the future.

Use Of Proper Equipment

Licensed plumbers use proper equipment to ensure that all work is done flawlessly. If a plumber does not use the correct tools in doing their plumbing work, the possibility of it causing more damage is very likely instead of getting it fixed. No matter what type of issues and problems you are facing, a licensed plumber would know what to do and which type of equipment and tools to bring.

Effective Service

Plumbers who are licensed could be held accountable for every work they do and might jeopardize their license that’s why they try to be effective in every plumbing work they accept. Reputable plumbing companies also expect a plus service from our plumbers that could correctly determine the problem of any client, troubleshoot and resolve these issues. What’s more, licensed plumbers are insured so if any mishaps happen while they are doing some works for you, you would be reimbursed by the company. But, if you hire an unlicensed plumber, there is nothing you can do if they do a botched up job.

An Unlicensed Plumber Could Get You In Trouble

There are some places that it is actually illegal to hire an unlicensed plumber. If you do hire an unlicensed plumber, you might be subject to some legal trouble especially if it is found out that the plumber did some fraudulent or businesses bordering on scamming clients. Going through the legal procedure just because you wanted to save money from hiring an unlicensed plumber would cost you more money and time in the process. These unlicensed plumbers are more likely to engage in some phony business since they are not under the jurisdiction of a regulatory board.

An Unlicensed Plumber Could Contaminate The Water Supply

The break out of SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong is caused by the improper installation of a plumbing system in an apartment complex. Improper installation could also lead to carbon monoxide poisonings especially if the boilers and water heaters are not functioning properly.

Installation of some products such as water heaters requires a licensed plumber. Otherwise, the manufacturers would consider the warranty null and void. These are some of the reasons why hiring a licensed plumber is necessary. Don’t skimp on your family’s safety and make sure that you only hire the plumber with the required years of experience and are licensed.

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