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Kitchen Bench Tops: The Main Criteria

As women and moms, we all know how sometimes, certain aspects and settings of the household can matter more than anyone could imagine or understand. Your kitchen bench tops for instance, is always a big deal and can change your life in the kitchen, massively. If you’ve thought about having it replaced, or getting one done for the first time, here are the top things you’d think about.

Scratch Proof

One of the top essential qualities you would look for in a kitchen bench top is that it is highly resistant to almost all possible damage. The kitchen is hardly a calm place, nor does it remain neat and tidy for long. There is always a lot of action and loads of equipment and other things moving about, tossing and turning – mostly in a hurry.

As far as your bench top is concerned, you would always want to have one that’s scratch proof. It isn’t always easy to be careful and gentle when you work in the kitchen, and so, it definitely would spare you loads of stress if you opt for scratch resistance and high quality stuff, like the ones from Stone Technology, for instance.

Stain Proof

If there’s one place in the house that’s meant to be get super messy all the time, it definitely is your kitchen. It is no question that the mess will involve all kinds of liquids and solids being handled and tossed about, which again means that there is always going to be stains of all kinds left everywhere.

As far as your bench tops are concerned, it can definitely be a huge relief if it is staining proof and durable. Stains can be left from all sorts of items in the kitchen – from food, ingredients, even cleaning agents. That’s the reason you may not want to hesitate spending on getting your bench top done with quality material that is both scratch and stain resistant.


Durability does not only mean having the quality of resistance, but also means endurance and long-lasting. Even though you may not be involved in heavy duty jobs in your kitchen, you are still going to place loads of weight on your bench top. It’s not just the weight from cooking activity that’s always a concern.

Sometimes, you may have your kids sit on the bench top and watch you bake, or you may sometimes need to get on it yourself, to reach for stuff on higher shelves and storage cupboards, perhaps, or even to have them cleaned. Therefore, you might want to take ‘durability’ seriously when you want to have your kitchen built or renovated.

Easy Clean

For some moms, easy-clean may be the only quality they’d want. Isn’t it like the most dreaded and the most time-consuming job in the kitchen? Whether it’s about cleaning up stains, or polishing the surface to make it look nice and fresh, it can be a nightmare if the surface isn’t the easy type. Being able to wipe something clean in one go or two, is naturally, any woman’s dream where kitchen maintenance is concerned. Thus, it is quite important to pay some attention to this aspect, too.

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What to Consider When Renovating Your House

Renovating you house is a great way to add more personal touches to it and increase its property value. However, a renovation project cannot start overnight just because you get the idea to renovate. Instead there has to be a well thought out plan with all the important factors considered. Take a look at what is given below to know what are the things you should consider when renovating your place.

Think of Each Area Separately

Do not carry out the same plant to each part of your house. And do not think of completing the entire place in a day. Instead, consider each part separately and think of renovation plans that would suit each of them. Your kitchen cannot be upgraded the same way your living room is. Each of the bedrooms will need different plans depending on who use them. With the help of a renovation company you can assess the need of each part of your house and think of ways to complete them.


Do not get carried away with all the ideas you have in your mind or those suggested online. There are so many things you can add when renovating but remember to keep it within affordable expenses. Once you have decided on a plan for each part, you can then sit down and decide how to spend for each sub-project. This will help you to choose the most cost-effective ways to finish the house.

Hire Professionals

DIY methods can be handy, and chic but if you make a mistake it is really had to reverse them and will cost you more of your money. Unless you are well versed in the art of DIY, most experts suggest that you call for the help of professionals when it comes to adding renovations and extensions to your place. Not only will they complete the project perfectly without any glitches but you can always consult them on the renovation plans to make sure what you should keep and what not to add.

Plan and Conceptualize

You might have certain ideas in your head and have already decided what items to buy and add to your interior décor. But remember all that will not always fit in with the rest of the interior architecture. Consult the professionals on how to stick to a theme when renovating or how to add a particular vibe to each room. This can be based on the colours you use on the walls; the art pieces you want to hang as decorations or even based on the type of furniture you choose.

Let Other Members Join in

Hear the suggestions forwarded by other family members as well. They might be still children, but when it comes to personalising the house, the personal preferences matter a lot. So, when it comes to the planning and conceptualising the house renovations, listen to what they have to say. Of course, when it comes to kids you will have to reconsider what they suggest and supervise. But make sure they are all included so that your newly renovated house will make everyone feel at ease.

Be careful when you are doing house renovations. If there are any doubts make sure to consult a professional so that your pan will go perfectly. Keep these tips in mind and you sure will not go wrong!

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6 Aesthetic Ways to Enhance Your Office

It doesn’t matter where your line of work may lie, every business owner, client or employee should always feel like they belong to an innovative, comfortable space. This is how you stimulate both creativity and productivity in an employee while also giving them job satisfaction. It’s how you assure your clients that they’re making the right choice. Unsurprisingly, more and more focus is being placed on how to make a working space appealing nowadays- here are our suggestions on how to go about it:


Many studies have been conducted on human emotions and colour. There are significant links between the two which is why you want to be careful with what you end up picking out for your space. You definitely want to get the edge in your painting– have the space looking modern and sleek. The colours blue, yellow, green and red are often used to increase workflow. Red is used in more physically exerting positions as it increases blood flow and raises heart rate. Colours like green and blue are known to be calming and stable. Yellow stimulates creativity and likewise, each colour plays a role.


In the past, most furniture and décor were rather boxy. Nowadays, there are plenty of modern getups that simply make a space look far more futuristic. Embrace curved edges and cylindrical patterns in the workplace because this sets your workplace apart from more traditional setups and that itself, is a factor that boosts creativity amongst employees.


The ceiling can be one of the most unappealing factors in an office. It could have exposed cables, wires, cracks- all of which, drain interest out of the space. This is why it might do you some good to invest in a false ceiling. It’ll make sure all the unattractive features are hidden and give your space a more chic, aligned look.


You should definitely not leave your walls barefaced. This leaves so much room for potential- make your walls as interactive as possible to enhance creativeness. While you should definitely opt for a good paint job and perhaps a few well-chosen patterned walls, enhance this with some art work. Gracing your walls with elegant paintings are a great way to give your space a more polished look. You can even find out if any of your employees are artistic and use some of their own work!


You’ll want to make use of natural light as much as possible. Studies have shown that this boosts an employee’s mindset and makes them far more optimistic and creative in their workplace. It’s always recommended that you design your workspace in a way that allows exposure to natural light but if this is not possible then there should be adequate lighting at all times.

Noise levels

In your workspace you need to strike the perfect balance between open areas and private spaces because too much noise can affect productivity, cause stress and fatigue, which will all in turn lower job satisfaction. A working space would ideally have an open area for collaboration and a more private space for concentration as well.

These are some of the best suggestions we have to improve your workplace aesthetics and productivity in one go!

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