Damaging Effects of Pests

Pests can completely ruin your household. They get into everything, everywhere and will make your life living hell. Pest control is something you need to get done atleast once a year. Even if you see no visible pests, it is vital that you call the pest guys and get the house checked. They are the experts and hence they will know where to look and identify any problems. Here are some reasons why you should pay close attention to pest control.

  1. Disease

Rodents and insects bring various diseases into the household. Rodents reside in unclean environments and hence these germs will be transferred to your household. Rats and mice will bring rabies, mosquitos will bring dengue, malaria, zika virus, insects bring in lyme disease, and many others that you may not have even heard of. These pests could transfer disease to you and even your beloved pets through biting, or spreading bacteria on surfaces that we then touch. Fleas are also a threat so get your pets checked frequently and keep them clean at all times.

  • House damage

Rodents will keep chewing on wires and pipes that will cause electrical shorts and water leakages. Rodents and termites chew on wood so if your floors and walls haven’t been built using pest repellents, you are in big trouble. It is estimated that household spend billions of dollars every year to correct termite problems. The entire structure of your house will collapse if necessary steps are not taken beforehand, leaving the long lasting quality of your house threatened. Squirrels could chew holes in the walls and make nests in your attic which will then damage the insulation of your house as these holes keep your house open to the outside. Call now before the situation gets really gross.

  • Venom and allergies

Some pests can be extremely venomous such as certain types of spiders, fleas and other insects. Their bites will cause grave health problems which can be fatal too, especially to children. These insects could be in your sheets, mattress and clothes and hence they are more dangerous than rats or mice. Rodents leave behind dead skin and faeces that contaminate the air you are breathing.

This will have chronic effects too such as wheezing, germs in lungs etc. that will act as allergens later on. Rodents leave around traces of urine and if your skin touches such substances, you could build allergic reactions to them such as swelling, redness and rashes. Make sure that your sheets are changed and dry cleaned often, the kitchen tops are germ free, and the garbage is taken out on time.

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