How to Introduce Ecofriendly Lifestyle to Children at Schools

Education is not only limited to the four walls of the classroom. Real education starts with the classroom but it must not end there it must be echoed at the realistic real-life level. Thus, the idea of ecofriendly lifestyle that will be introduced to the children will not only start at home but it should be reflected within schools and later on in the outside real world. Through this, future generations will have the initiative and the knowledge to take care of the environment. Here are some direct and indirect ways to introduce such concepts to children at schools.

Model Responsible Behaviour

Responsible behaviour by teachers affects the perception of children when it comes to taking the responsibility of being able to maintain cleanliness and take care of their own trash. Responsible behaviour also teaches children to be responsible with their use of resources at school and even at home. Modelling helps validate and reflect the values that we want to impress on the children.

Embrace New Technology

Teaching children to embrace technology given them the ability to be critical on the use of technology especially with the ones which helps promote ecofriendly lifestyle. Introducing to children to the mechanisms of such technology gives them insight and appreciation to the ecofriendly new trends in technology. For example, one could teach children on how a solar powered street lights work or how wind turbines generate electricity for the building and the city.

Recycling as Class or School Initiative

Schools can initiate a recycling initiative where they collect as much recyclable materials around the campus or at home and at the end of the project it’s either they enjoy the earnings from selling the recycled materials or they donate the proceeds for a greater cause, either way it will encourage a sense of togetherness with the children as to working together to commit to a specific goal. This would help children appreciate more their capacity not only to help save mother earth but also to work together for a common good.

Encourage Carpooling

With carpooling adults can teach kids on the value of fuel and that in the act of saving fuel one can ride with other people towards a certain destination. This will help students realize the value of fuel saving and also it could be a lesson for socialization and cooperation. Carpooling with friends and classmates is also fun in a sense that you will take turns on who will have their carpooled the next day. Instead of having a lot of cars in the road, adults can explain that fewer cars could also help lessen traffic and pollution in their area.

Young children are the future of our world because they carry with them the potential to correct the wrongs and rectify the wrong ways of living that has been corrupting the past generations, thus in pushing for the agenda of the environment it always pays to include the children in such plans and movements.

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