How to Save Energy During Winter

Winter brings along many good things like comfort food, brisk walks, rugging up and warmth inside your homes. This cosy warm feeling comes with a cost and that is your increased utility bills which rack up to keep you warm.

Many homeowners tend to spend more time inside their homes during winter and this means electrical appliances will be used most of the time along with floor heaters that consume loads of electricity. On average many households experience a 25 percent increase in their utility bills during winter. With an increase in utility prices, this number could go further up.

However, we have some tips which could help you save some energy and still enjoy the cosiness efficiently.

Cover the Gaps

Reducing draughts are one of the most important things you can look into when it comes to reducing your energy usage during winter. Your heating system constantly works to maintain a certain temperature inside your house but when there are leaks that allow warm air to escape your heater has to work even harder to maintain the temperature that keeps dropping due to these leakages.

Cover these gaps which are commonly found near doors, windows and other possible entry pathways into your home. There are specialized sealing products to cover these gaps you can use fabric snakes to cover the troublesome draughty holes.

Mind the Hot Water

It obviously makes no sense to shower with cold water when the outside temperatures are freezing enough already but there are ways you can limit hot water usage.

Your washing machine doesn’t mind whether it’s hot or cold outside so you can use cold water to wash your clothes rather than hot water. Another common practice during winter is to throw everything into the dryer include heavy things like your towel. The dryer takes up quite a bit of energy. Try to use the sunlight to get the drying process started and if you have no option at all then you can throw them in the dyer.

Even if you rely on solar panels try to save up because sunlight can be quite minimal in some areas during harsh winters. However, when it comes to working with solar Brisbane companies, selling this electricity back to the grid can help you earn some money.

Another way to save hot water usage is to make your shower times shorter or you can opt for low flow shower heads.

Keep an eye out for water leakages from hot taps too.

Layer Up

It is always wise to dress for the season. Just because you have a heater don’t dress like it’s summer outside. When you increase a degree in your heater this could roughly amount to around 10% more energy being used.

So, when you dress appropriately you can set the heater to a minimal level.

These are just a few of the many tips that can be used to save energy. There are loads of other methods if you are serious about saving energy during winters. No matter what you do make sure to cover those draughty gaps first.

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