What Should You Consider When Buying Cement?

You may have a construction project going on. Although great, you need a range of supplies which is a nuisance. It can be hard to shop for them if you don’t know what to look for. This is especially true for cement, which is why we’ll be going through everything you should consider when shopping.

The Stitching

Before you buy a bag of cement, it’s important that you look at it, especially its stitching. If the bag has open stitches, you have to be suspicious as this means it was tampered with. Obviously, you don’t want this as the thing added to the cement could make it hard or even dangerous to use.

You should tell the retailer immediately about the open stiches as they may have more of these bags in their supply. This would help others avoid trouble.

The Mixing

Some cements are hard to mix. If you’re not new to design and construction projects, you need to get a hold of a bag that says “easy mix”. This lets you add water and get to work.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending hours trying to create cement when you could’ve done it in a matter of minutes.

The Rating

Every bag of cement has a rating. It needs to be ISI marked as this means it’s been tested, thus is safe to use. If you find a bag that isn’t ISI rated, you should look online as there may be a reason for this. If everything checks out and you’re still interested, you could buy it. Otherwise, try and stay away from anything not rated.  

The Price

Cement can be expensive, especially if it has a range of additives. You’ll have to consider this, looking for a bag that’s within your budget. If you want a cement bag that has a certain additive but this additive is expensive, you could still save cash.

All you’d have to do is look online. You’d find sellers providing it for a range of prices. You could dig deep, finding someone that offers the cheapest price.

The Brand

Each brand has their own formula for cement, especially with easy to mix bags. Side note: if you want premix concrete Byron bay is known to have brands with great formulas.

You’ll have to research the different brands on the market, seeing how well their formula is. This will let you know how good of a cement mixture you’re getting.

The Expiry Date

If you weren’t aware, cement has an expiry date. It’s supposed to be used 3 months within its manufacturing date. This is as the longer it’s kept, the more likely the cement will be affected by moisture, getting oxidized.

This is very important as if it’s affected by moisture, the cement won’t work well. Unfortunately, not many people know this, which is why they buy cement without looking at its best before date.

All in all, a range of things have been considered when purchasing a bag of cement. So, make note of everything we mentioned.

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