How to Pick a Type of Water Heater for Your House

There are many types of hot water systems such as electric, gas and solar systems. All of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. But you need to understand their features in order to select the right system for your house.

Electric hot water systems are quite common and the way they operate is by heating the water with a heating element that is at the bottom of the unit. This can be used at any time of the day and these are the cheapest systems that you can buy in the market. However, you need to weigh the benefit of cheap initial costs against running costs. Operational costs for electric heaters is higher than all the other systems. A gas hot water system Geelong operating on natural gas can be quite cost-effective. You need to think about efficiency when you are selecting a water heater. Solar hot water systems have the highest initial costs but have significantly low running costs. There are also heat pump water heaters that use the heat from the air surrounding it to generate heat.

If your house has an existing gas line, you can look at the option of gas hot water heating. You can also use gas tanks to power the system. They can be used in colder regions as well as it is not dependent on solar energy. You can either go for a continuous heating system or a hot water cylinder. The continuous system saves space as it doesn’t require a water tank. With gas hot water systems, you can heat water faster and it is a more cost effective system. There are electronic systems that are integrated to regulate the temperature of the water. However, you can have issues during power outages and there is a high cost when it comes to the initial installation. You also need to be diligent about its maintenance. And safety is a concern as you are dealing with volatile gases. So there should be sufficient ventilation space.

When it comes to electric hot water systems, it is very easy to integrate it into the house as it runs on electricity. And you need a very low upfront cost. But because electricity is used to heat a large quantity of water, there is a high operational cost involved. If you have an older tank, it will not be as efficient as the newer models. Solar hot water systems rely on solar energy and they are better suited for warmer climates. There are many types of solar hot water systems such as heat collecting panels, evacuated tube collectors and heat pump systems. Heat collecting panels are the cheapest system but their efficiency will go down in cloudy weather. Evacuated tube collectors are more efficient but they are also more expensive. Solar water heaters have a low maintenance cost and they are an eco-friendly solution. They are easy to install as well. However, there is a high cost for installation and the heating system mainly depend on the sunlight received so it can be limiting in cold regions.

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